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Are the packers done?

Tonight Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers travel to Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA to face a broken down beat up 49ers team that should be on paper what appears to be an easy win. There are a few reasons to say this game is a trap for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

1: Last week highlighted some still glaring holes in the Packers run defense, they allowed Dalvin Cook 163 yards and 2 TD's from scrimmage, so their run defense could be a big opportunity.

2: The Packers allowed a staggering 63 yards before contact last week against the Vikings.

3: The Parkers through week 8 were 3th highest in the league at 64 missed tackles, only Carolina Panthers and the New York Jets are worse.

4: The Packers have the fewest pressures in the league at 42...

The 49ers even without Key Players: Richard Sherman, Jimmy G (Placed on IR today), George Kittle (Placed on IR today), Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson. The 49er's run game may be enough to carry them past the Green Bay Packers.

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