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Cup of Coffee a Day Parlay

Welcome to the world of Gambling today Friday October 1st we've got a HEATER of a parlay!

Let's start of and elaborate on what the Cup of Coffee a Day Parlay is, every day I'll throw out a parlay where we wager $5 and to win a significantly larger sum of money via multiple bets that all have to hit to cash in.

Today we have nice little 6 leg parlay at +7827

1: Seattle Mainers -5 over the LA Angels +114

The Mariners are a wagon and the Angels stink 2: Maryland Moneyline over Iowa +138

If Tua's little bro can protect the football against Iowa Maryland wins 3: Texas -3.5 over TCU -115

TCU stinks just a bit more than Texas. 4: LA Dodgers -1.5 over Milwaukee Brewers -102

Dodgers are just that F-ING good, the brewers don't have the bats to keep up

5: Cleveland Indians -1.5 over Texas Rangers +136

Rangers stink this is an easy pick 6: Chicago White Sox -1.5 over Detroit Tigers -128

The Sox are just that good right now and the Tigers really stink.

Wagering $5 nets you a cool $391.36

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